Wavetek 144 10 MHz VCG Generator

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The Wavetek 144 HF Sweep Generator is a precision 0.0005 Hz to 10 MHz source of sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative pulse waveforms ... each with variable amplitude, dc offset, and symmetry. Frequency range selection is provided in 10 decades, with a vernier control permitting adjustment of approximately 1% of the selected range. Maximum output amplitude is 30 V p-p into an open circuit (15 V p-p into 50 ohms) with a 60 dB calibrated step attenuator and a 20 dB vernier attenuator (80 dB overall) allowing signal levels as low as 1.5 mV p-p. Both the output waveform and the dc offset are attenuated by the 60 dB calibrated step attenuator.