Wavetek 148A 20 MHz AM/FM/PM Generator

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Wavetek 148A 20 MHz AM/FM/PM Generator
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Wavetek 148A
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Manual 148A Datasheet

Wavetek Model 148A, 20 MHz AM/FM/PM Generator is a precision source of sine, triangle, square, ramp and pulse waveforms plus dc voltage. The waveforms may be controlled in symmetry as well as amplitude and dc offset. A built-in modulation generator can modulate frequency, phase and amplitude or modulation may be by an external source.

The generator may be run in continuous mode or triggered for a single pulse or gated for a burst of pulses. Triggering and gating may be by the Model 148 built-in modulation generator or by an external source. The triggered and gated waveform start/stop point is selectable from - 90’ through + 90’. Start/stop control plus dc offset control gives haverwave capability.
Wavetek 148A Features
  • Two Complete Generators
  • Internal or External AM, FM, and Phase Modulation
  • Frequency 0.0002 Hz to 20 MHz, 30V Output
  • Sweep, Trigger and Gate
  • 30 Volt Peak-to-Peak Output