Wavetek 166 50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator

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Wavetek 166 50 MHz Pulse/Function Generator
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Wavetek 166
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166 Datasheet
.0001 Hz - 50 MHz 15Vp-p Synthesized Pulse/Multifunction Generator
Wavetek 166 Specs
Sweep / Function Generator Specifications:
Selectable Waveforms sine, triangle, square, and ramp
Operational Modes Continuous; Triggered; Double Triggered; Triggered Haverwave; Gated; Gated Haverwave; Continuous Sweep; Triggered Sweep; Sweep and Hold
Frequency Range 0.0001 to 50 MHz. Maximum sweep 1000:1 in lin or log
Sweep Time Range 100s to 100µs
Function Output variable to 30 Vp-p (15 Vp-p into 50 ohms)


Pulse Generator Specifications:
Pulse Period Range 20 ns to 10,000s
Pulse Width 10 ns to 100 ms
Transition Time 7 ns to 50 ms