Wavetek 178 Programmable Waveform Synthesizer

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Wavetek 178 Programmable Waveform Synthesizer
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Wavetek 178
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Manual 178 Datasheet

The Wavetek 178 Waveform Synthesizer is a bench top or ATE programmable instrument that combines the precision of an 8 digit, 50 MHz synthesizer with the versatility of a function and sweep generator. In addition to sine and square wave to 50 MHz, the model 178 includes the useful triangle, ramps and haverwaves.

Innovative design gives synthesized triggering, gating, frequency sweep, burst counts and combinations of these modes for application flexibility. The output drives your 50 ohms load to a full 20 volts peak-to-peak. The microprocessor design lets you program the level in convenient terms of Vrms, Vp-p or dBm.

Careful software design has resulted in a flexible, easy to program format. You may implement a change of only one instruction or completely change all settings in a few milliseconds.

Additional features include amplitude and phase modulation, stored settings, variable waveform phase and programmable frequency markers.
Wavetek 178 Specs
  • Sweep Characteristics:
    • Sweep Time: 0.01 to 600.00s, 0.01s resolution
    • Pulse - Fully synthesized
    • Period: 10 µsec to 600s (10 min)
    • Width: 5 µs to 500,000s
Waveforms Sine; Square; Triangle; Ramps; Haversine; Havertriangles; AM (sine) and DC
Operational Modes Continuous; Triggered; Gated; Triggered Haverwave; Gated Haverwave; Triggered Burst; Triggered Haverwave Burst; Frequency Sweep
Frequency Range 1µHz to 50 MHz
Main Output 20 Vp-p maximum into 50 ohms load
Amplitude Conversion units of Vrms, Vp-p and dBm, all into 50 ohms load
Frequency Resolution 8 digits or 1 µHz
Sweep Generator fully synthesized
Sweep Modes Continuous Sweep; Triggered Sweep; Triggered Sweep/Triggered Reset