Wavetek 275 Arbitrary/Function Generator

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Wavetek 275 Arbitrary/Function Generator
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Wavetek 275 Arbitrary/Function Generator Wavetek 275 Arbitrary/Function Generator
Wavetek 275
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275 Datasheet
Model 275 Programmable Arbitrary/Function Generator is a light-weight, half-rack instrument for bench or ATE use. The 275 can generate precise sine, triangle, square and user-defined arbitrary waveforms from 0 .01 to 10 Vp-p, and dc offsets within a -5 to +5V range into 50Ω . Waveforms can be continuous, gated, triggered or burst. Eleven useful modes include arbitrary waveform hold and ramp-to-start.
Wavetek 275 Features
  • 0.01 MHz to 12 MHz Frequency Range; 3.75 MHz Arb Sampling Frequency
  • 10 Vp-p Protected Output into 50Ω
  • Advanced Entry, Editing & Storage of User-Defined Wave Shapes
  • 12 Bit Vertical Resolution for Precise Amplitude Control
  • Up to 8K Horizontal Points
  • Burst Mode to Over 1 Million Cycles
  • 75 Stored Settings in Nonvolatile Memory
Wavetek 275 Specs
Frequency Range: 10 mHz to 12 MHz for sine, triangle, square, square complement
Amplitude Range: 0.01 to 10 Vp-p into 50 ohms
ARB Characteristics
Horizontal Resolution: 2048 points standard
Vertical Resolution: 12 bits (-2048 to +2047)
Waveforms (Functions): Programmable sine; Triangle; Square; Square comp; DC; External width; Arbitrary and filtered arbitrary
Operational Modes (for all functions including ARB):
Continuous, Triggered, Gated, Burst
Operational Modes (ARB only)
Triggered ARB with Ramp-to-Start
Triggered ARB with Reset
Triggered ARB with Hold and Triggered Ramp-to-Start
Triggered ARB with Hold and Triggered Reset
Single Step
Triggered ARB with Hold on Breakpoint