Wavetek 296 50 MS/s Synthesized Multichannel Arbitrary Waveform Generator

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The Wavetek 296 combines sophisticated performance with ease of use in a way previously not available in arbitrary waveform generators. The Wavetek 296 includes advanced waveform sequencing capability up to 4,096 waveform segments for complex waveform generation. It also provides a 16 bit digital output on each channel. It can contain up to four separate channels. When run independently, each channel is essentially a stand-alone arbitrary waveform generator. When in master/slave mode, phase relationships between channels can be set by the user.

Each channel outputs 15 Vp-p (into 50 W load) at 50 MS/s sampling frequency maximum or can output 100 volts peak-to-peak when Option 007 is installed (please consult your sales representative for availability). Each channel has a high-speed clock output that runs at a maximum of 100 MHz. Arbitrary waveforms can be created and stored to nonvolatile RAM or on the standard MS-DOS compatible 3.5-inch, high-density disk drive. In addition, ten commonly used synthesized functions are built in.