Wavetek 3600D Cellular Test System

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Wavetek 3600D Cellular Test System
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Wavetek 3600D
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3600D Datasheet

The Wavetek 3600D Cellular Test System combines previous experience and future vision in proven features and expandable platform. All TIA formats are covered, including AMPS, NAMPS, TDMA (IS-54B and IS-136), and extensive test coverage of CDMA (IS-95A/98). All these digital formats are available at PCS frequencies using a self-contained frequency extension module (FEX). Japanese and Korean frequency band specifications are also covered.

Up to four optional modules can be simply installed. Using flash memory and the on-board floppy disk drive, straightforward field upgrades can be made. Modules can be purchased as technology develops and customers needs change, as the Wavetek 3600Ds easy upgrade path preserves your investment in equipment, programs, and training.
Wavetek 3600D Specs
TDMA The TDMA option provides comprehensive modulation tests, BER, mobile-reported BER, MAHO RSSI, complete call processing, and voice tests using the Vocoder
IS-136 The IS-136 option allows generation of Forward and Reverse Digital Control channels or custom Digital Control channels for increased flexibility
PCS PCS capability can be achieved with the FEX option, combined with the TDMA or CDMA option, providing a complete dual band test set. The options provide IS-95A and J-STD-008 signaling and measurements, and IS-136A Digital Control Channel testing
CDMA CDMA testing provides call processing including softer and hard hand-offs, power control, waveform quality, OCNS and AWGN sources, and optional Voice Codec