Wavetek 52 Datalogger

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Wavetek 52 Datalogger
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Wavetek 52
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52 Datasheet
Up to 120 Ch Multifunction Logging DMM
50-1 Measurement Module: Full function
50-2 Measurement Module: DC volts and temperature
Wavetek 52 Features
  • Measurement Module: up to four measurement modules can be installed in the Datalogger
  • DC Volts
    Ranges: 30mV, 300mV, 3V, 30V, 300V
  • AC Volts (RMS AC and RMS AC + DC)
    Ranges: 30mV, 300mV, 3V, 30V, 300V
  • dB Measurements
  • Temperature: thermocouple linearizations provided by software for types J, K, E, T, B, S, R. Linearizations for 385 and 392 100 ohms platinum RTD's.
  • ohms Ranges: 30, 300, 3k, 30k, 300k, 3M, 30M
  • High Meg ohms Ranges: 300M, 3000M
  • Diode Test
  • Continuity
  • DC Current Ranges: 30mA, 300mA, 3A, 10A
  • AC Current Ranges: (True RMS, Shunt DC Coupled): 30mA, 3A, 300mA, 10A
  • Frequency Ranges (Hz): 10, 100, 1k, 10k, 100k, 1M, 4M
  • Events (Totalize)
  • Period Range: 100 µs, 1000µs, 10ms, 100ms, 1000ms
  • Pulse Width, Time Interval Ranges: 100ms, 1000ms, 10s, 100s, 360s
  • Logic
  • AC Volt-Amperes, DC Watts
  • Printer: model 54 printer/plotter
  • RS-232 C Serial Port
  • Data Memory: up to 12,000 readings