Wavetek 52A Datalogger

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The Wavetek 52A Datalogger combines the features of up to four digital multimeters with full-featured datalogging/data acquisition capability. Each measurement channel contains a fully isolated dual slope analog-to-digital converter.

Each input is expandable with multiplexers to provide up to 260 channels, any four of which can be displayed at one time. Data on the high resolution liquid-crystal display can be shown in alphanumeric and bar graph form. All standard multimeter functions such as resistance and DC and true rms AC voltage and current are included, in addition to special measurement functions such as temperature, frequency, period, pulse width, time interval, volt-amperes, dB, continuity, and diode checking.

Built-in math functions compute and display delta, delta %, minimum, maximum, or average values. Complex functions between channels may be calculated with user-defined math. Unique Close-Box "Flex-Cal" automatic calibration allows calibration at any value.

Standard datalogging capability allows all measured data to be stored in internal RAM memory. Optional memory expansion to over I Meg permits storage of over 100 thousand measurements. Stored data can be sent to any computer via the standard RS-232 interface. An IEEE-488 interface is also available. Nested menus, channel list programming and a real time-clock facilitate selection of functions, ranges, start and stop conditions, scan intervals, delays, alarms, etc. A digital I/O option which is combined with an analog output feature is also available for closed-loop and tracking applications.

All this measurement and data logging capability is contained in a very small portable package made possible through the use of an application-specific integrated circuit and surface-mounted devices. The Model 52A can be operated from a vehicle battery or any other low-voltage AC or DC source. An internal rechargeable battery option provides even more versatility.