Wavetek 680 Multifunction System

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Wavetek 680 Multifunction System one 7-inch chassis
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Wavetek 680-01
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The Wavetek 680 is a multifunction system that can house up to 8 instruments in one 7-inch chassis. It has system buses for improved performance over rack and stack instruments and a Mate-CIIL interface.

With the internal trigger bus, all modules can be triggered from the same source, internal or external, with only 1.5 nanoseconds of skew across the back plane (bus) common to all modules. This kind of performance is not attainable with conventional rack and stack instrumentation. The main components of the Wavetek 680 mainframe are power supply, front panel, cooling fans, microprocessor, trigger generator, system clock and reference and calibration sub-systems Beyond those are several features that are not as apparent. The control bus uses an MC68000 controller and the VME bus standard. All the digital signals, triggers, sync signals, clocks and the local bus are contained on one row of connectors. All of the analog signals, analog summing bus, internal DVM and counter lines, and precision reference lines for self calibrations, are on another row of connectors. The modules designed for the Wavetek 680 Multifunction System are a 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, a 100 MHz Timing Generator, a 100 MHz Pulse Generator, a 6 DMM and a 160 MHz/1.3 GHz Frequency / Time Interval Counter. Please consult your sales representative for availability.

Wavetek 680-01 Features
  • Multifunction System (Wavetek 680)
    • Up to 8 instruments in one 7-inch chassis
    • System busses for improved performance over rack and stack instruments
    • Mate-CIIL Interface
  • 20 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (Wavetek 680-01)
    • Horizontal memory of 12k
    • Sine, square and triangle in ROM
    • 20 Vp-p output capability
  • 100 MHz Timing Generator (Wavetek 680-02)
    • 5 PPM frequency accuracy
    • Up to 32 Vp-p output
    • Pulse Generator (Wavetek 680-03)
  • 100 MHz pulse and 200 MHz square wave
    • Variable edge speed
    • Pulse amplitudes to 10 Vp-p
    • Each channel may be slave or independent
    • 5 ppm frequency accuracy
  • Digital Multimeter (Wavetek 680-05)
    • Datron model 1365
    • 6 1/2 digit, 0.006% basic accuracy
    • 2/4 wire resistance
    • Exclusive AUTOCAL circuitry
  • 160 MHz Frequency/Time Interval Counter (Wavetek 680-06)
    • Racal Dana 1993
    • 1 ns single shot time interval resolution
    • Programmable input/trigger levels
    • Extensive feature set; rise/fall times, peak-to-peak input voltage, phase, A/B