Wavetek CLI-1750 Combination Signal Level/Leakage Meters

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The Wavetek CLI-1750 Combination Signal Level/Leakage Meter is a device used to detect RF signal levels and leakages. The CLI-1750 has a frequency range of 5 to 890 MHz. Able to find cable leakages and provide measurements, this unit is ideal for a variety of testing requirements and has several software types and capabilities.

Wavetek CLI-1750 Software Types & Applications

  • Leakage Measurement
  • Ingress Scan
  • Level Measurement
  • Installation Check
  • Tilt Mode
  • Auto Test
  • Customized Channel Plans
  • digiCheck™ Digital Signal Measurement
  • StealthWare™ Software
  • Mini-Sweep and Fault Locator

Benefits of The Wavetek CLI-1750

The CLI-1750 has a user-friendly user interface that is icon-based with multi-language options. With the ingress scan feature, operators can identify level problems and leakage complications. Efficient and accurate, the device saves time and resources, and it makes the testing process more effective. The CLI-1850 can do the work of multiple meters and allows technicians to use less equipment. The unit is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant. Some features include video detection, CW detection, customizable channel plans, and more.
The Wavetek CLI-1750 Combination Signal Level/Leakage Meter has a configuration menu that provides flexibility and customization. The digiCheck™ measurement function provides users with one total power reading. This provides vital information and makes it easier to determine any problems in a test subject. StealthWare™ Software provides the ability to store, view, and print channel plans.

The Wavetek CLI-1750 Capabilities

CLI-1750 units have a frequency accuracy of 10 ppm at 25°C (77°F), 20 ppm over temperature. The battery life is significant with up to 2.25 hours continuously for when the backlight is off and 2.25 hours continuously for when the backlight off and in leakage mode. The device also has a replaceable battery cartridge. With 120 channels and a scan rate of  approximately 6 carriers per second, the Wavetek CLI-1750 is a dependable combination signal level and leakage meter.
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