Wavetek SAM 4040D Advanced HFC Signal Analysis Meter

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Wavetek SAM 4040D Advanced HFC Signal Analysis Meter
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Wavetek SAM 4040D
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The Wavetek SAM 4040D includes all of the same test capabilities of the Wavetek SAM 4040, but now more features are packed into the same lightweight, durable package. The Wavetek 4040D offers a faster spectrum analyzer display, TDMA measurements, and a new long-life battery.

One of the biggest problems with two way networks is ingress. Even though a network may meet leakage guidelines, lower frequency RF signals can still leak into the cable; this is ingress. The portable, durable SAM 4040Ds fast, sensitive spectrum display makes finding ingress in the field quicker and easier. Wavetek SAM 4040D is equipped with a new impulse noise detector and more powerful spectrum analysis modes. These allow technicians to see noise spikes as fast as 5 µs and track them down.
Wavetek SAM 4040D Features
  • See bursty noise, TDMA signals, transients as short as 5 µs

  • Designed to work with highloss test points available in today's amplifiers

  • Advanced TDMA digital measurements: level, signal/noise, time-domain display

  • Five hour continuous use battery life (battery and charger compatible with older Stealth units)

  • Existing SAM 4040s can be upgraded to SAM 4040D functionality
Wavetek SAM 4040D Specs
Scan Mode

All video, audio, pilot carrier, and digital channel levels displayed.

Sweep Mode
Frequency range 5-1000 MHz
Display span user definable
Display scale/range

6 vertical divisions 1, 2, 5, or 10 dB/division


+/- 0.5 dB, normalized (dependent on stability of referenced carriers)

Carrier to Noise Measurement
Non-scrambled channels only.
No preselection required for 78 channels at +10 dBmV input level.
Resolution < 0.5 dB
Range 52 dB maximum
Hum Measurement (carrier > 0 dBmV) Non-scrambled channels only
Range 0 to 10%
Resolution <0.2%
Accuracy +/- 0.7%
Depth of Modulation
Assumes presence of white reference on any VITS line.
Non-scrambled channels only.
Range 80 to 100%
Resolution <0.5% at 85%
Audio demodulation of AM and FM carriers
Spectrum Mode

3, 5, 10, 20, and 50 MHz
(750 ms to 1.75 depending on span)

Sweep Rates

~1 second updates with spans of 50, 20, 10 & 5 MHz
~1.7 second updates with 3 MHz span

Display Scaling and Range

0.5, 1, 2, 5, and 10 dB/div.
6 vertical divisions

Dwell programmable 0-25 ms
Spurious-Free Dynamic Range 60 dB

-40 to +60 dBmV w/o preamp
-50 to +50 dBmV w/ preamp
-55 to +50 dBmV typical for f<50 MHz.