Mensor CPA8001 Air Data Test Set

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CPA8001 Datasheet
The CPA8001 Air Data Test Set (ADTS) is an air data controller designed for automated calibration and testing of altimeters, rate of climb indicators, airspeed indicators and air data computers. The high definition color touch screen and intuitive interface provides for simultaneous or asynchronous control of altitude/ altitude-rate, and/or airspeed/airspeed-rate. Entry of set points and system setting becomes second nature through the easy to understand buttons and menus. In addition, the user programmable sequence function provides storage and automated control of standard test procedures. Remote operation, via IEEE-488.2 (GPIB), Ethernet, RS232 or USB and command set emulation of non-Mensor ADTS devices makes the CPA8001 a valuable “drop-in” asset that can be used in production or calibration of air data instruments.
WIKA CPA8001 Features
  • Uncertainty: ± 2.5 ft, ± 0.06 knots
  • RVSM Compliant
  • Ps/Qc or Ps/Pt removable transducer
  • One year calibration interval
  • Two year warranty
  • Automated zeroing function