WIKA CTB9100 Micro Calibration Bath

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The WIKA CTB9100 Micro Calibration Bath product has been replaced by a new product.

The new WIKA micro calibration baths form the ideal addition to the series CTD9100 and CTD9300 temperature dry well calibrators. Because of their small insertion depth and the resulting stem conduction error, short sensors suffer a marked increase in their measurement uncertainty with temperature dry well calibrators. Even if one compares the test specimens with an external reference thermometer, they might not be correspondingly short. Once the immersion depth falls below 70 mm, then a micro bath is preferable to a dry well calibrator in all instances.

If several sensors are to be calibrated simultaneously, the micro bath also offers advantages: Thermometers of different stem diameters can be calibrated together without having to have close-fitting inserts beforehand. This is in particular useful with on-site calibrations, where there is a wide variety of test specimen types and their stem diameters are not known.