Wilson MSX500 (SCSI) Device Analyzer

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Wilson MSX500 Device Analyzer
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Wilson MSX500
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The MSX-500 is a microprocessor based digital analyzer for testing hard disk drives through SCSI "universal" interface between elements of the computer system.

The MSX-500 consists of a full MS-DOS based computer, two 5 ¼" double-sided, double-density floppy disk drives and four independent power supplies with cables and connections to the SCSI devices in the test. It is capable of testing up to four connected devices in sequence. The system includes an ASCII terminal with full keyboard and 12" CRT.
Wilson MSX500 Features
  • Works with SCSI direct access devices such as Winchester disk drives
  • Expands to test other SCSI interfaced devices such as tape drives and optical disk drives
  • Tests through the SCSI interface
  • Provides SCSI testing environment with growth potential into other test techniques such as advanced read margins
  • Automatically tests all drive operations and status
  • Displays menu driven test instructions/procedures
  • Guides test setup with interactive prompting
  • Allows keyboard creation of custom programming by test managers
  • Provides complete test printout for every drive
  • Accommodates one to four drives on line at a time