Yokogawa BT200 Brain Terminal

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As a portable terminal, the Model BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL is used in combination with equipment using brain communication for setting, changing, displaying and printing out parameters such as tag number, output mode, and range, through simultaneous communication. It also monitors I/O values and self-check results, sets constant current output , and allows zero adjustments. The Model BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL is used by connecting it between 4 to 20 mA DC signal transmission lines of the equipment or to a dedicated connector on the ESC (Signal Conditioner Communication Card) when the system is started up or maintained.
Communication Cable with 5-pin connector
(Code: /C1)
for SC (Signal conditioner)
Intrinsic Safety type
(Code: /CS1)
CSA Intrinsically safe approval
Class I, Groups A,B,C and D
Temp. code T4
Vmax (in)=30 V, Imax (in)=165 mA,
Pmax (in)=0.9 W, Ci=0, Li=730 µ.F
Vmax (out)=2 V, Imax (out)=22 mA,
Pmax (out)=11 mW, Ca=3000 µ.F, La=30 mH