Yokogawa DL716 ScopeCorder

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Yokogawa DL716 Scopecorder
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Yokogawa DL716
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DL716 Datasheet Specifications
The Yokogawa DL716 provides as many as 16 analog and 32 bits digital input channels and can use an ultra-long memory with a capacity of 64 M words (with /M3 option).
Yokogawa DL716 Features
  • Maximum 850 V (DC + AC peak) isolated input
  • A variety of plug in modules
  • Accessories for special applications
  • Maximum A/D resolution: 16 bits
  • Large-capacity hard disk drive (optional)
  • A wide range of interfaces
  • Triggers
  • Ethernet Connectivity and 9.2 GB internal hard disk drive (option available only for the DL716)
Yokogawa DL716 Specs
Type Plug-in module (each unit has a built-in A/ D converter)
Number of slots 16
Different modules can be used in combination with each other
Maximum record length (DL708E using two channels) 400 k words (standard)
4 M words (/M1 option)
8 M words (with /M2 option)
16 M words (with /M3 option)
Maximum record length (DL716 using four channels) 1 M word (standard)
8 M words (with /M1 option)
32 M words (with /M2 option)
64 M words (with /M3 option)
Time-axis accuracy ±0.005%
Sweep time (100 k words/channel model) 500 ns/div to 50,000 s/div (1/2/5 steps)
Sweep time (Other models) 500 ns/div to 100,000 s/div (1/2/5 steps)
Acquisition Modes
Normal Maximum sampling rate: 10 MS/s
Envelope Holds peak values at maximum sampling rate, regardless of Time/div.
Box average Increases resolution of A/D converter to a maximum of four bits
History memory Holds the past 1000 screenshots
Sequential store Specify between 2 and 1000 storage operations
Roll Works at maximum sampling rate of 200 kS/s
Pretrigger 0% to 100% (in 1% steps)
Sources INT (1 to 16 channels and LOGIC1, LOGIC2) EXT, LINE
LINE trigger cannot be used with the DC model (701831)
Slopes Rise, Fall, Both
Types Edge trigger
event/pattern trigger
A --> B (n), A Delay B, Edge on A
Pulse Width Trigger
B > Time, B < Time, B Timeout
window trigger
OR trigger
When you select LOGIC1, LOGIC2 or EXT as trigger source, only edge trigger is available
Time trigger The measurement-start time and intervals can be specified
Screen Refresh Rate
Using 1 channel Maximum 30 Hz
Using 8 channels Maximum 15 Hz
Using 16 channels Maximum 10 Hz