ZEISS Handysurf+ Surface Roughness Tester Series

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The ZEISS Handysurf+ Surface Roughness Tester is a mobile surface measuring instrument that provides a sleek design, a 2.4-inch color LCD screen, and an improved user interface for intuitive operations. ZEISS Handysurf+ instruments offer a simple assurance option for measuring surface parameters throughout production. Handysurf+ surface roughness testers are an ideal solution for the automotive, mechanical engineering and medical technology industries. ZEISS Handysurf+ are designed with horizontal, vertical and overhead surface measurement capabilities that travel to the workpiece. Handysurf+ measuring instruments cover a 370 µm measuring range, making it the widest in its class without compromising its 0.0007 µm resolution.

The ZEISS Handysurf+ Surface Roughness Tester is available in three models: 35, 40 and 45, with stylus tip radiuses of 2 or 5 µm (45 only available with 5 µm stylus tip radius).