Zimmer Electronics CE-Test61k EMC Test System for CE Mark IEC/EN 62301

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Rent, Lease, Rent to Own Zimmer Electronics CE-Test61k Compliance EMC Test System for CE Mark IEC/EN62301 / EN50564:2011, EN61000-3-2/-12, EN61000-3-3/-11, IEC62301 / EN50564:2011
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Zimmer Electronic Systems CE-Test61k
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CE-Test61k Datasheet
The Zimmer Electronics CE-Test61k for CE Mark EN61000-3-2/-12, EN61000-3-3/-11, IEC62301 / EN50564:2011 allows to test products interferences towards the power distribution system caused by current harmonics in accordance with EN 61000-3-2/-12 and flicker in accordance with EN 61000-3-3/-11 (directive 2004/108/EU). Additionally it is possible to measure and document perturbations of the public power system in the frequency range from 2 kHz to 9 kHz according to EN 61000-4-7 annex B. The ZES ZIMMER CE-Test-Standby system offers monitoring the power consumption in standby mode of home appliances, IT devices and similar equipment. The system tests conformity with the requirements of the EU directive on eco-design 2009/125/EU, in conjunction with regulation 1275/2008 and in accordance with CE Mark IEC/EN 62301. The different components of the system – the precision power measurement devices LMG95 and LMG500, current and voltage sensors as well as power sources – can easily be integrated into other test systems such as dedicated efficiency or consumption measurement in more general operations.
Zimmer Electronic Systems CE-Test61k Features
  • Modular structure, 1 to 3 phases
  • Power sources up to 5kVA per phase
  • Existing customer owned power sources may be used, even for systems which are discontinued in availability and support by their manufacturer e.g. HP/Agilent and others
  • Inputs to register additional process values
  • Improved analysis by means of integrated statistical and regression algorithms
  • Auxiliary measuring signals to find the cause for harmonics and flicker
  • EN61000-3-2/A14