Zimmer Electronics LMG500-4 AC Power Analyzer, 10 MHz

Zimmer Electronics LMG500-4 AC Power Analyzer | 10 MHz
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Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG500
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  • Components, e.g. ferrite cores, semiconductors, capacitors
  • Devices, e.g. motors, inverters, lightings
  • Installations and parts of those, also power grids to identify their parameters
  • CE-mark tests on devices, supplied by power sources (simulating an ideal power network), to investigate the feedback of harmonics and flicker (load variations)
  • Interactions of network and appliance


  • Group delay between U- and I- measuring input <3ns as standard to assure very precise measurement at low cosφ and/or high frequencies
  • High dynamics in level control, ranges from 3V to 1000V/3200Vpeak, 20mA to 32A/120Apeak in direct measurement only by a single pair of sockets each for voltage as well as for current input
  • 3 MSample/s, absolutely gapless sampling with evaluation of all sampling values
  • Capturing transients and fast signal changes by event triggering which is always active in the background of the "normal mode"
  • Harmonics and interharmonics up to 50 kHz internal and up to 1 MHz with an external PC
  • Flicker measurement, interactions between network and load
  • Modular with 1 to 8 power measuring channels
  • Ergonomic operation shell for easy, intuitive use of the power meter
  • Real-time evaluation of the measurements in numeric tables and diagrams
  • Interfaces with high data transfer rate (IEEE488.2, RS232, USB, Ethernet)