ZES ZIMMER LMG610 Precision Power Analyzer

Rent ZES ZIMMER LMG610 Precision Power Analyzer
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Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG610
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LMG610 Datasheet
For more than three decades, ZES ZIMMER has been focused solely on high-precision power measurement technology – so they know there is more to it than simply measuring current and voltage. Anyone who has tried to use generic systems for power measurement will have rapidly run up against their limits. What's the situation with common-mode rejection? Is the measurement result still reliable for power factors in the range of 0.01? Is the earth capacitance low enough to avoid interference by leakage currents? In what frequency ranges does the manufacturer guarantee the stated measuring accuracy? It quickly becomes clear that only a device designed specifically for power measurement can really satisfy these ambitious requirements. The ZES ZIMMER LMG610 stands out in the market for its extreme reliability, best-in-class accuracy, and maximum frequency range – the ideal prerequisites for excellent results.
Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG610 Features
  • Simultaneous measurement of narrow- and broadband values through innovative DualPath architecture
  • Simultaneous capturing of fundamental frequency and broadband RMS values for instantaneous detection of losses, resp. high-frequency components
  • Harmonics and interharmonics up to 2000. order, as required by IEC 61000-4-7
  • With optional I/O card speed/torque inputs freely configurable for all signal types (analogue, frequency as RS422,TTL or HTL) via menu
  • Flexible scripting tool for custom applications
  • Simultaneous measurement of V, I, P values and harmonics, presentation in tabular or graphical form
  • Signal filters freely configurable by frequency, type and characteristics
  • Synchronization to different frequencies
  • Flicker measurement, interactions between grid and appliance according to IEC 61000-4-15