Zimmer Electronics LMG95 Single Phase Power Analyzer

Zimmer Electronics LMG95 Single Phase Power Analyzer
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Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG95
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LMG95 Datasheet
The ZES Zimmer LMG95 single-phase precision power meter is an outstanding product in the LMG series of proven ZES ZIMMER precision power measuring devices. Highly accurate continuous gap-free signal measurement and processing, ergonomic operation and presentation of the results, interfaces with high data rates for efficient system applications – these are the performance features which distinguish the LMG95.
Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG95 Features
  • Measures voltage, current, inrush current, power, power factor, energy etc.
  • Isolated measurement inputs with extremely low capacitance against earth to assure high dynamics CMR and interference immunity
  • DC to 500 kHz precision bandwidth, precise at low cosphi <0.01
  • Absolutely gap-free measuring process
  • Harmonics and flicker measurement according to EN61000-3-2 and EN61000-3-3
  • Harmonics and interharmonics up to the 99th harmonic resp. up to 99 interharmonics
  • Transient function
  • Analog and digital in/outputs
  • External shunt voltage input
  • PC interfaces, memory-card slot
  • Graphical monochrome display to show 4 to 8 measured values, wave form, diagrams of calculated values and bar charts
  • Ergonomic user friendly interface
  • Formula editor
  • LabVIEW driver
Zimmer Electronic Systems LMG95 Specs
Phases 1
Frequency DC - 50 kHz
Basic accuracy 0.03%
Voltage ranges 6 - 600V
Current ranges 150 mA - 20 A
Interfaces IEEE 488, RS 232, USB Printer, Process signals