Zimmer Electronic Systems TM39 Power and Energy Meter

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Zimmer Electronic Systems TM39
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TM39 Datasheet
The desk-top power and energy meter TM39 may be used for representation and recording of energy, power, voltage and current in 3- and 4wire 3phase systems. With full 4-quadrant measurement capability, all powers and energies are displayed with the correct sign. Using a 3 line LCD display, both total 3-phase and per phase values (current, voltage, power and power factor) can be displayed.

The current and voltage inputs are suitable for direct measurement in 230/400V low voltage systems. To comply with safety standards the current inputs are isolated from each other and from the measurement circuit. The standard current input is 5A, 1A and 25A input are available as an option. The voltage inputs may be connected to 230/400V.
Zimmer Electronic Systems TM39 Specs
Measurement Inputs
Voltage: 400V LL/ 230V LN , 3 Ø, 3- or 4-wire (110V LL /63V LN optional), operating range 50% to 120% U n
Current: 5A for transformers (1A or 25A optional), operating range 0.2% to 120% In
Frequency Range: 45 - 65Hz (fundamental)
Harmonics: Up to 20th.
Display Type: Supertwist LCD with LED-Backlight
Display Format: 2 rows of 4 digits and legends for units etc. plus 1 row 6 digits
Digit Height: 12.5 mm (4 mm legends)
W, kWh: Class 1 IEC1036
VA, kVAh: Class 1
var, kvarh: Class 2 IEC1268
V, A: ±0.2% measuring range or ±1% measuring value ±1 digit, the smaller deviation is valid.
PF (Power Factor): ±0.2
Frequency: 0.002 HZ, ±1 digit