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CDN-A-8-200-ANSI,RWG,FULL,1500,APT (3-phase 200A, 690 VAC/1500 VDC Automatic CDN (Burst/Surge/Ring), w/ANSI,RWG,FULL,1500,APT.)
CDN-A-8-32 (3-phase 32A Automatic CDN for IMU Burst/Surge/Ring, w/ANSI)
CDN-UTP8-ED3 (Manual CDN for 8 symmetrical I/O lines. 6 kV Surge, with RJ45 Adapter Box & POE)
CN-EFT1000 (Capacitive Coupling Clamp, Burst up to 7 kV or Fast DOW IEC up to 4 kV, Slow DOW ANSI C37.90)
MF1000-1,MF1STAND (Test coil 1m x 1m for magnetic field test: 4-8,4-9,4-10 with stand (moveable in all three directions)
SRC16-1P (Single phase DIP transformer 230V/16A, 50/60Hz according to IEC 61000-4-11)
VAR-EXT1000 (External Variac for Dips, Variations and Magnetic Field for IEC 61000-4-8 & IEC61000-4-11, up to 16A)