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2244/90.31 (Tripod, Non conductive, 1,65 m. with carrying bag)
2244/90.45 (Tripod Extension, Non-Conducting 0.50 Meter)
2245/90.07 (Soft Carry Case, Hold Attenna and Accessories)
2260/90.51 (Serial interface cable (2m) for ELT-400)
2260/91.09 (Cable, FO Duplex, RP-02, 5m)
2300/90.20 (3cm H-Field Antenna for ELT-400)
2300/90.30 (Probe extension cable (1m) for ELT-400)
2405/101 (Static and Time- Variable Magnetic (B) field Probe,0 Hz to 1000 Hz,)