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3501/03 (27MHz-3GHz Three-Axis E-Field Antenna for SRM-3006)
3502/01 (420MHz-6GHz Tri-Axial E-Field Antenna for SRM-3006 Meter)
3531/01 (27MHz-3GHz Single Axis E-Field Antenna for SRM3000)
3531/04 (9 KHz - 300 MHz, Single Axis E-Field Antenna)
3551/02 (9kHz-300MHz 1-Axis Antenna H-Field for SRM-3006)
3581/02 (9kHz-250MHz Three Axis Antenna H-Field for SRM-3006)
3591/101 (24.25 - 29.5GHz 5G FR2 Directional Antenna for SRM-3006)
3591/102 (24.25 - 29.5GHz 5G FR2 Omni-Directional Antenna for SRM-3006)
3591/103 (24.25 - 29.5GHz 5G FR2 Directional and Omni-Directional Antenna for SRM-3006)
3701/04 (Software Option, UMTS P-CPICH Demodulator for SRM-3006)
3701/05 (Software Option, Scope for SRM-3006)
3701/06 (Software Option, LTE Demodulation (for FDD networks) for SRM 3006)
3701/07 (Software Option, LTE (for TDD networks) for SRM-3006)
3701/08 (Software Option, 5GNR)