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WP10M (Isotropic Selective field probe 1 Hz – 10 MHz · E and H/B fields)
WP400 (1Hz - 400kHz, H/B Field up to 10T Isotropic Selective Field Probe for SMP2)
WPF8 (100kHz - 8GHz, 0.3 - 130V/m E-Field Probe for SMP/MonitEM/MonitEM-Lab)
WPH-1000 (30MHz - 1GHz H-Field Isotropic Probe for use with SMP2 or MonitEM)
WPH60 (300kHz - 60MHz, 0.018 - 20A/m H-Field Probe for SMP/MonitEM)
WPH-DC (RF radiation probe DC - 40kHz with SMP2)
WWP2201 (1MHz - 60GHz, Shaped Broadband Field Probe, 0.8-800% FCC Limits)