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RF Amplifiers

Worlds Largest Inventory of amplifiers for EMC, Radar, and other RF/Microwave Testing. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals services the Aerospace, Military & Defense, Communications and Medical Industries.

Rent Low Frequency Amplifiers | Solid State, Audio, DC - 1 MHz
Audio Low Frequency Amplifiers < 1MHz for rent, lease, or purchase. Tektronix, Solar, and more.
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Rent Pulse Amplifiers 1-18GHz, 2,000 Watts
High power pulse amplifiers are used for radar applications, HIRF and other military and defense applications.
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Radio Frequency (RF) 10 kHz - 8 GHz | Solid State
Rent Solid State Broadband Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifiers covering several different frequency bands at levels up to 2,500 Watts.
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Rent Microwave TWT Amplifiers 1 GHz - 40 GHz
Rent High Frequency, Broadband Microwave TWT Amplifiers covering 1 GHz through 40 GHz with power up to 1,000 watts.
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Rent Preamplifiers
Rent Preamplifiers from DC-50 GHz from Agilent, Gigatronics and more.
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Lock-In Amplifiers
Single and Dual channel Lock-In Amplifiers from DC - 300 kHz.
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RF Power Meters & Sensors | Average and Peak
RF Power Meters & Sensors are recommended for monitoring the output of high power amplifiers.
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