Fluke 1520 Megohmmeter

Fluke 1520 Megohmmeter
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The Fluke 1520 Megohmmeter is a handy insulation resistance tester that also measures voltage and checks connections with its lo- ohms function.

A proven workhorse, the Fluke 1520 can make up to 5,000 insulation resistance tests, more than any other insulation tester, without changing batteries. A dual analog/digital display makes it easy to use. Thanks to its superb accuracy, endurance, and handheld size, the Fluke 1520 is a long-standing tool of choice for demanding plant and utilities work.

As a safety feature, the Fluke 1520 will switch automatically to a voltage tester only when voltage is greater than 30V (ac or dc).


  • Three output voltages for insulation resistance testing: 250V, 500V, 1000V
  • Insulation resistance testing up to 4000 Meg ohms; switches automatically to voltage measurement when voltage is greater than 30VAC or 30VDC.
  • AC/DC voltage measurement up to 600V
  • Lo- ohms function for testing connections
  • Last reading memory display
  • Large, backlit LCD with analog bar graph and digital display
  • 4 C-cell batteries for up to 5,000 tests per EN61557-2, with battery-life indicator and auto shut-off.
  • Auto-discharge of capacitive voltage charges
  • Heavy duty test leads, alligator clips and test probes included
  • Rugged, splash-proof case with impact-absorbing holster