Metrolab THM1176-LF-PC 3 Axis Hall Magnetometer

Rent Metrolab THM1176-LF-PC 3 Axis Hall Magnetometer
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With its line of high-tech 3-axis sensors, compact construction, USB interface, and sophisticated software, the Metrolab THM1176-LF-PC 3 Axis Hall Magnetometer family marks a significant breakthrough in magnetic field measurement. Very low- to very high-strength fields can now be easily measured with a fully standards-compliant instrument that will go anywhere, even into small gaps. This unique magnetometer resembles a cable with a few fat spots. The rugged plastic probes are easy to handle or fit in a fixture. Some models feature a removable cap, revealing the bare sensor and facilitating access to small gaps, as well as a microscopic active volume, closely approximating a point measurement of the magnetic field vector.

Metrolab THM1176-LF-PC Features:

  • Comprehensive family of 3-axis sensors
  • Field strengths from nanotesla to 14 T
  • DC or AC magnetic fields, up to 1 kHz
  • Accuracy: varies by model, on the order of ± 1 % in any orientation
  • Plug-and-play USB interface
  • Sophisticated software, including spectral analysis