Mitutoyo LSM-3000 Laser Scan Micrometer Display Unit

Rent Mitutoyo LSM-3000 Laser Scan Micrometer Display Unit
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The Mitutoyo LSM-3000 Laser Scan Micrometer Display Unit is an-accurate, non-contact measuring system capable of measuring workpieces at a high speed using a highly directional scanning laser beam.

This non-contact optical measuring system is capable of measuring workpieces which are difficult to measure with conventional measuring instruments. It performs simple and accurate measurement of brittle or elastic objects, high temperature objects, objectswhich must be kept clean, and soft objects which may be deformed and suffer dimensional changes due to the measuring force used.


Digital display 7-digit display for data and 4-digit display for other, a total of 11 digits.
Standard measuring functions Measurement program memory function (Up to 10 programs No.0 to 9)
  Segment designation: 1 to 6
  AVG 1: 0.025sec
AVG 2: 0.1 sec
AVG 3: 0.4sec
AVG 4: 0.8sec
Tolerance judgment (GO, ±NG)/ Reference value setting function/ Offset function/ Data output function/ Sample measurement function/ Statistical processing function/Workpiece position indicator LED/ Key entry prohibiting function / mm ↔ E changeover function/ Dual-gage calibration
Special functions (Selected by the DIP switch settings) Selection of resolution
Transparent object measuring function (only SEGs 1 and 2 can be used)
Dual-program measurement
XY (2-axis) measurement (average of X and Y, difference of X and Y)
Dual-unit measurement
Multi-limit tolerancing measurement (5 steps of ±NG, OK)
Special functions (Selected by the memory switch settings) Adjustment of workpiece position indicator LED/ Buzzer function ON/OFF/ Result display latch releasing timer/Display of a comma U to mark the thousandths position