Voltech PM3000A Universal Power Analyzer

Voltech PM3000A Universal Power Analyzer
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  • 0.05% basic accuracy
  • Universal application: single-phase, three-phase, and DC rectifier measurements
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage current and power on each phase and neutral to the 99th harmonic
  • Accurate with distorted waveforms and poor power factors
  • Built-in integrator for measuring energy maximum demand or averaged values
  • Exceptionally wide input ranges on voltage (0.2 to 2000Vpk) and current (10mA to 200 Apk)
  • Measures short term events, such as start-up current and burst power
  • Accepts inputs directly or from external shunts, current transformers and voltage transformers
  • Provides eight programmable outputs for chart recorders or scopes
  • Wide frequency range: -DC to 1MHz
  • Full system capability with IEEE488.2, RS232 and Centronics interfaces as standard

Basic Measurements:

Real Power; Apparent Power; Reactive Volt-Amperes; Voltage; Current; Power Factor; Peak Voltage; Peak Current; Voltage Crest Factor; Current Crest Factor; Impedance; Peak Inrush Current.

Note: This model is also available in a single phase only (single channel) version. Consult your sales representative for assistance in selecting the correct model for your application.


Voltage (V) Ranges (Auto or Manual) (12 ranges 1-2-5 sequence): 0.5 V to 2000 Vpk (1400 Vrms)
Frequency Range: DC and 0.1 Hz to 500 kHz
Current (A) Ranges (Auto or Manual) (12 ranges 1-2-5 sequences) INT: 0.05A to 200Apk (30A rms)
EXT: 6.25mV to 2.5pK (1.5Vrms)
Power (W) Ranges (Auto or Manual) (144 ranges corresponding to V and A) 25mW to 400kW pk (with scaling to 100,000MW)
Apparent Power (VA) Ranges (Auto or Manual) (144 ranges corresponding to V and A) 25mVA to 400kVA pk (with scaling to 100,000MVA)
Reactive Power (VAR) Ranges (Auto or Manual)(144 ranges corresponding to V and A) 25mVAr to 400kVArpk (with scaling to 100,000MVAr)
Power Factor (PF) Range ±0.000 to ±1.000
Crest Factor Range 1.000 to 19.999
Inrush Current Range 0.1A to 200Apk (with scaling to 20 MA)
Impedance Range 0.0001 Ω to 9.999 MΩ
Frequency Range Internal Source 5Hz to 1MHz
Harmonic Analysis Range DC and Fundamental to 99th harmonic for voltage and current. Maximum harmonic = 1MHz
Integrator Range 0.001 W.hr to 100,000MW.hr