Thermotron RSL-16 Portable Shaker

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The Thermotron RSL-16 Portable Shaker is a repetitive shock, low frequency temperature, humidity and shock vibration system for use in a chamber. Thermotron RSL-16 shakers perform Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and High Accelerated Stress Screening (HASS) in new or existing Thermotron environmental test chamber with the universal port option. Temperature, humidity, and repetitive shock vibration testing can be performed over the chamber’s full temperature range, -70 to 180 degrees Celsius. Thermotron RSL-16 portable shakers can be easily inserted, allowing for full air movement around the product(s), or can be removed for full access to the chamber workspace. 

Each impactor of the Thermotron RSL-16 has individual air modulation to smooth frequency response and improve vibration control. The exclusive Windows®-based 8800 Programmer Controller allows programming, graphing, and reporting of temperature, humidity, and repetitive shock vibration—all on one screen.