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Rent Test Equipment

Advanced Test Equipment started as a second tier dealer of used test equipment and quickly discovered the benefits of having a rental inventory available for our clients. Some advantages include the limiting of down time in the event equipment fails or goes out of calibration, and that peaks in customers’ workloads made renting a more favorable method over acquiring test equipment for these seasonal periods.  

As ATEC became more familiar with renting test equipment, we learned about the tax advantages of renting versus buying while working in collaboration with some of our savvy customers. While capital equipment acquisitions are taxed and then depreciated over their life, rental equipment is not. The cost of the rental test equipment comes from the expense budget and can simply be allocated directly to the project it is being used for, allowing your company to write off the rentals as an expense that same year, and so, becoming a tax savings that makes renting an easier and best practice.

Rentals are typically done on a month to month basis, billing in 30 day cycles but are also available day-to-day, week-to-week, and even year-to-year terms. Visit Our FAQ’s page for billing, shipping and other questions regarding the details of ordering.


There are many benefits to Renting


Topics Cover:

  • Tax Advantages: Rental expenses are 100% tax deductible on your business taxes.
  • Save Time with Immediate Delivery: No long lead times, get equipment immediately.
  • Conserves Capital : Renting comes out of your expense budget.
  • Eliminate Depreciation & Obsolete Equipment: Technology moves fast, don't spend a fortune when
  •    version 2.0 is coming out next year.
  • Evaluate Equipment Pre-Purchase: Determine what equipment best suits you.
  • Keep project on Schedule: Equipment goes down or may need to be calibrated.
  • Maintenance Costs: Not your equipment, not your responsibility.

Lease or Rent with Option

Customers call upon Advanced Test Equipment Rentals all the time needing equipment for lab expansions and other projects that are beginning immediately, but do not have the capital in their budget to acquire the equipment. The answer, Rent With Option (RWO). The RWO service is a rental with the option to own, allowing customers to rent equipment in as short as one month or as long as 36 months while accruing equity in the equipment in order to purchase once the capital becomes available.  This service also expands to customers uncertain if they need or want to own test equipment because of project load, capability or necessity. The flexible RWO service option allows customers to use money from your expense budget and minimizing the capital cost of the asset.


ATEC Offers Calibrations on the Following Types of Equipment:

Accreditied in Calibration by A2LA in 2013, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals has opened up it's calibration service of ISO 17025 calibrations for EMC test equipment and a few other key areas. Review our ISO 17025 Scope or learn more about what it means to be an ISO 17025 Certified Company.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals is a full-service provider of test equipment rentals, making it easy on customers to have their equipment calibrated by ATEC while rent the similar equipment so they can stay up and running. We can provide you pricing for a one-month rental as well as a calibration price and will ensure your equipment is calibrated and returned during your initial 30-day rental.

ATEC’s primary focus still remains on the rental of test equipment and while you can rent just about any piece of test equipment with an ISO 17025 calibration from us, we recommend and refer out "Calibration Only"  requests for equipment not listed below.

"Calibration Only" Requests we currently accommodate:
  • EMC Test Equipment
  •    ESD to 30kV
  •    EFT/Burst to 8kV
  •    Surge/ Combination Wave to 20kV
  •    Ring Wave to 20kV
  •    Dips/Interrupts

Additional equipment can be reviewed by our quality and lab teams and reviewed, Request a Calibration Quote here.


Local Delivery

ATEC offers free local delivery and pick-up around San Diego, CA. In extended areas of the county, $100 delivery and pick-up are also offered. Some limitations apply. Please contact your representative for more details


Buy Used Test Equipment

With the government sequester and overall ‘moderate’ economic conditions, many of Advanced Test Equipment Rentals customers whom were accustomed to buying equipment new from their preferred manufacturers, are searching for alternatives to capital test equipment acquisition. Used test equipment sales is forming into the aqcuistiion of choice by our military and government contractors – allowing customers to save 30-50% off manufacturers last list price and in some cases as much as 70-80%.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals fleet is dynamic and constantly rotating to ensure highest quality test equipment is provided to our rental customers. A majority of our test equipment is for sale out of our rental fleet, Contact Us now to buy used test equipment to fill any holes in your lab and save money. Read our Used Test Equipment Terms and Conditions for more information and warranties.

Sell Test Equipment

If you have unused equipment sitting around or are upgrading the test equipment in your facility, Advanced Test Equipment Rentals will buy your used test equipment. PLEASE NOTE: We do not do consignment and we verify all equipment is rightfully owned by the seller, stolen equipment will be reported to the police.  Send an e-mail to with your list of equipment today.