Rent Chroma Test Equipment | AC, DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads | Electrical Safety Analyzers and HipotsChroma engineers turnkey automated test systems for power conversion and electrical safety test applications. Chroma equipment has been designed to service a variety of industries, including military, aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, medical device testing, and more, and are often essential tools in R&D labs responsible for consistent, fast, and accurate measurements.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals features a large inventory of equipment made by Chroma. Units available for rent include AC Power Supplies, which are used as AC power sources/frequency converters for a number of Military Standards and DO-160. DC Power Supplies by Chroma are essential for burn-in, alternative energy, or semiconductor testing. DC Electronic Loads by Chroma are designed for testing multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, etc., and the AC Electronic Loads simulate a variety of load conditions under varying power factors. Chroma acquired Quadtech, in 2012, a company that specializes in safety analyzers and Hipot testers, and now Chroma manufactures Hipots suited for nearly any electrical test.

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