Wired to Drive: EMC Insights on Electric Vehicles
June 12, 2024
As the automobile industry shifts towards electric mobility, EMC testing becomes increasingly vital to ensure that electric vehicles (EVs) function safely amidst electromagnetic interference. ATEC is here to provide a thorough overview of EMC testing's role in the EV landscape, detailing the necessary tests, standards, and equipment to maintain vehicle reliability and compliance in electromagnetic environments.
Charged Comparison: Fluke 1735 vs. 1736
April 12, 2024
ATEC compares the Fluke 1735 and Fluke 1736 Three-Phase Power Loggers, outlining their specifications, uses, and suitability for different professional needs in electrical testing. We also promotes the benefits of renting Fluke equipment, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and access to high-quality, reliable test tools without a large upfront investment.
How to Choose a Generator for IEC 61000
April 03, 2024
Wondering how to choose a transient generator for IEC 61000? ATEC covers all the steps.
Fluke DSX-5000 Overview
March 08, 2024
The Fluke Networks DSX-5000 is one of our most popular rentals. Join ATEC as we break down its features!
Is EMI Dangerous?
February 23, 2024
Professionals in a number of industries and settings have to be aware of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the dangers it presents to the safety of people and the functionality of equipment.
What is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)?
February 08, 2024
What is electromagnetic interference (also called EMI) and how do you prevent it? ATEC covers what causes EMI and how to test for it.
ATEC's Journey from 1981 to 2023
December 05, 2023
Advanced Test Equipment Corp. (ATEC) is proud to share our history as a family start-up to an industry-leading test equipment rental company. We also present our new logo: an origami-inspired refresh of the classic symbol that Jim Berg, founder and CEO, drew on a restaurant napkin in a flash of inspiration in the 1980s.
EMF 101: What Is EMF & Why Is It Important?
November 06, 2023
Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are also known as electromagnetic energy (EME) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Learn more about EMF and why it's important. 
Conducted Vs. Radiated Emissions
August 17, 2023
EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, refers to a wide range of tests and measurements done to ensure electronic devices function in harmony, without interference from wireless radio communications or by being connected to the same power grid. In this case, conducted and radiated emissions both refer to electromagnetic interference (EMI) emitted from a device. Though EMI is a complex and technical topic, the difference between the two types of emissions is straightforward.
Narda Improves Their Impressive SignalShark Firmware
February 25, 2021
The team at Narda Safety Test Solutions has been busy with updates and trainings lately. They're ready with a few more improvements and seminars for easier use of all their products.

In today's blog, you can find information on these updates and seminars:
  • The recent "Finding Interference in Mobile Cellular Networks with Narda SignalShark” webinar
  • An exciting new firmware update for the SignalShark series
  • Upcoming seminars for the SRM-3006 and Direction Finder IDA 2
A 20 MHz Bandwidth Can't Stop Narda's Correct Measurements of 5G Networks
February 16, 2021
Even low bandwidth can't get in the way of Narda Safety Test Solutions and their reliable 5G measurements:

In this week's blog, we'll cover these stories and updates from Narda:
  • Correct measurement of 5G networks with a bandwidth of “only” 20 MHz? Not a problem for the SRM-3006
  • A shark in camouflage as the SignalShark continues to excel with the military
  • Exciting software updates and new datasheets for the AMB-8059, AMS-8061, and EHP-200
How Do Narda's Shaped Probes Simplify Their Measurements?
December 07, 2020
Simplifying some products and adding flexibility to others, Narda Safety Test Solutions is making improvements to its long list of reliable products.

This week, the blog covers these features and updates from Narda:
  • Measurement results directly as a percentage of the limit value – what could be simpler?
  • No more graveyards full of keys, thanks to a versatile mix of softkeys and touchscreen technology
  • Personal Monitor RadMan 2 – totally flexible with more user options than ever before
Narda Announces Exciting New Updates for the SRM-3006 and RadMan 2XT
December 01, 2020
Narda Safety Test Solutions has been busy with updates for a wide range of their products, improving the 5G capabilities, warning systems, firmware and software across the board.

This weeks blog covers these new updates from Narda:
  • SRM-3006 has a new Code Selective Measurement option to guarantee precise 5G EMF measurements
  • RadMan 2XT with Variable Alarm Thresholds greatly improves the device's warning system
  • A slew of updates for SignalShark products, including new scripts for even more applications
How Does Dynamic Range Affect a Spectrum Analyzer?
October 28, 2020
Instruments like a spectrum analyzer will rely on a high dynamic range to cut through unwanted artifacts. Harmonics and intermodulation can rise above the noise floor and hurt the performance of a spectrum analyzer. Understanding the parameters that make up dynamic range can not only help to ensure a spectrum analyzer is working correctly, but also offers key information on all instruments which should meet ITU guidelines.
How To Operate Advanced Amplifiers and Power Output Demo
September 14, 2020
Today we will be going over how to operate and demo an Advanced Amplifier. Then we will look at the control software interface. By the end of this video we will be connected to a simulated load and control it using remote control software.
ICNIRP 2020 Now Available For Narda STS Equipment
August 27, 2020
The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, ICNIRP, has revised its recommendation for limit values in connection with human safety in electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that were published in 1998. The revision, entitled RF EMF GUIDELINES 2020, was published in March. In particular, the mid-frequency range, i.e. frequencies in the kHz range are affected by the revision. These guidelines will now go through the process of incorporation into national laws. 
February 07, 2020

The difference between SONET and SDH can get a little confusing because so many people struggle with appropriately distinguishing their differences. Both SONET and SDH are sets of standards used to test fiber optic connections and networks. However, these two sets of tests are designed for specific countries and their unique standards.

What is a Bit Error Rate Tester? BPSK and QPSK
February 07, 2020
Bit error rate testers are used to find disruptions in connections, determine what causes them, and prevent future disruption. Bit error rate (BER) is the number of bit errors per unit time. The results are expressed as a ratio, converted into a percentage.
Which Vibration Analyzer Is Right For You?
December 06, 2019
Check out our comparison chart to find out which of our recommended vibration analyzers suits your testing needs.
How to Use a Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
September 19, 2019
This video demonstrates how to do a simple horizontal laser shaft alignment using two shafts. Click here to learn more about the Vibralign Fixturlaser EVO Laser Shaft Alignment Tool
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