Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the production of electronic measurement equipment, offering wireless, modular, and software solutions. In 2014, the electronic measurement business of Agilent Technologies began operating under the Keysight name. Equipment developed by Keysight is frequently used in aerospace, defense, and semiconductor markets. Keysight focuses on the unique challenges that scientists, researchers, and engineers face while trying to extract pertinent data in their field of study.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals carries a wide assortment of Signal Generators that have been manufactured by Keysight. Microwave & RF Signal Generators by Keysight are capable of vector signal generation used for manufacturing cellular communications and wireless connectivity components. Pulse Generators are used to generate pulse patterns for single or multiple voltage pulses at high speed rates, and are often used for LVDS applications. Within the context of EMC Radiated Immunity equipment, Keysight also produces RF Power Meters & Sensors that monitor the output of high power amplifiers.

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