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Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (known as ATEC) rents out the test instruments that measure, inspect and diagnose the world. Modern society’s foundational technologies, from integrated circuits to fiber cabling, all require testing to enhance quality, safeguard people and meet industry standards. Our products probe the semiconductors in your phone for rogue electromagnetic emissions, capture thermal images of slumped bodies behind smoke for firefighters—even give insight into the performance of the network you used to access this webpage.

We equip multinational companies on the frontier of technological advancement with the tools to answer the perennial question: does this work?
  Founded in 1981 by entrepreneur Jim Berg, ATEC is headquartered in San Diego, California, its warehouse nestled in the heart of Sorrento Valley’s tech companies. Mr. Berg’s vision for ATEC was a company dedicated to customer service—empowering customers with the best technical knowledge, the best equipment and the best solution to meet their standards and their deadlines. For decades, ATEC has partnered with the EMC, electrical, defense, aerospace, medical, automotive, semiconductor, telecom industries and more to achieve this goal.

ATEC Career Fair 6/25/2019

Advanced Test Equipment Corp is now hiring numerous positions and will be holding a Career Fair on Tuesday June 25, 2019 from 9AM until 1PM at our location 10401 Roselle St. San Diego. CA 92121. Please follow our signs to the HR entrance.

We are looking for talented candidates to join our organization. You may have never thought about a career that deals with test and measurement equipment, but now is your chance to attend our job fair and explore us and the opportunities available within Advanced Test Equipment Corp. We have numerous openings from various Technical Inside Sales, Calibration, Electronic Equipment Repair and Support, Accounting, Warehouse, IT, Marketing, and paid internships. Please bring a copy of your resume and be prepared for an on-site interview.