DaimlerChrysler DC-10615

DaimlerChrysler Standards: DaimlerChrysler DC-10615

Products Used in Testing:

EM Test EM Test PFS 200N Series Automotive Power Fail Simulator

The EM Test PFS 200N Automotive Power Fail simulator is used to comply with standard requirements, mainly from vehicle manufacturers, to perform fast voltage dips ad drops (micro-interruptions). Some standards specify very fast...

EM Test
EM Test EM Test VDS 200N Voltage Drop Simulator

The VDS 200N series is used to simulate the various battery supply waveforms recommended by international standards and by car manufacturer requirements. Especially the manufacturer requirements are an important area covered by...

EM Test
Haefely Haefely ONYX 30 kV Electrostatic Discharge ESD Simulator

The Haefely ONYX 30 kV Electrostatic Discharge ESD Simulator is an ergonomic ESD gun without an additional base control unit that can be battery or mains operated. An easy to use touch screen, ergonomic design, modular RC units...