AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


MIL-STD-461G RS101: Radiated Susceptibility, Magnetic Field

Products Used in Testing:

AE Techron AE Techron 3110A Standards Waveform Generator

The AE Techron 3110A Standards Waveform Generator is can generate LF wave sequence with a bandwidth of DC to 1 MHz. This 3110A model reduces test time for repetitive test sequences, featuring a rise time of under 1 µs and...

AE Techron
PMM PMM 9010F | 10 Hz – 30 MHz

The PMM 9010F Real Time EMI Receiver is designed for precision and efficiency in EMC/EMI testing across a frequency range of 10 Hz to 30 MHz. Its use of FFT spectrum frequency analysis ensures precise, real-time data processing...

Solar Electronics Solar Electronics 9229-1 Loop Sensor

The Solar Electronics 9229-1 Loop Sensor is used for the RS101 test method of MIL-STD-461D for radiated magnetic fields in the frequency range of 30 Hz to 100 KHz to determine the susceptibility or immunity of the equipment...

Solar Electronics
Solar Electronics Solar Electronics 9230-1 Radiating Loop | 30 Hz - 100 kHz

The Solar Electronics 9230-1 Radiating Loop, used in the RS101 test of MIL-STD-461D, evaluates equipment immunity to magnetic fields between 30 Hz and 100 KHz. It requires a pair of antennas: a 12 cm radiating loop and a 4 cm...

Solar Electronics