AEN 134: OTDR Testing Basic


Peugeot PSA B21 7110

Products Used in Testing:

EM TEST EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator for ISO 7637

The EM Test LD 200N is a compact, high-energy, Load Dump generator. The EM Test LD 200N generates Load Dump pulses as per manufacturer specifications per ISO 7637, SAE J1113, SAE J1455, JASO, and more. The EM Test LD...

EM TEST EM Test UCS 200N Automotive Transient Generator for ISO 7637

The EM Test UCS 200N Ultra-Compact Simulator series combines the power of a micropulse simulator, a recoupling network, and an EFT/Burst simulator into one device. Meeting international and car manufacturer specifications on a...

Haefely Haefely ONYX 16 | 16 kV

The Haefely ONYX 16 kV Electrostatic Discharge ESD Simulator is a sophisticated electrostatic discharge gun featuring a separate base control unit that can be battery or mains operated. The Haefely ONYX 16 kV ESD gun's...