Discount: Replace Your Narda Legacy Items With NEW Narda Products

Discount: Replace Your Narda Legacy Items with NEW narda products

Advanced Test Equipment Corp. is offering a 10% discount on replacement models for eligible Narda Legacy items with a trade-in program. Trade in your older Narda Legacy items and receive a 10% discount on the Narda Fieldman, Fieldman Probes and the Nardalert S3. Offer is valid until March 31.

Discontinued Legacy Items

Due to the age of the Narda Legacy Product Lines, ATEC will be ending our service for calibrating and repairing certain Narda products. This is primarily due to many of these units being manufactured prior to 1999, or earlier. With the age of the units, there is a high probability of the units being out of tolerance (OOT) and failing calibration, thus requiring repair. Use this table to determine the ideal replacement for your current Narda Legacy Item:

Learn More About These Replacements

The New FieldMan

The Narda FieldMan Electromagnetic Field Meter is an innovative measuring tool with easy-to-use applications. The device features:
  • Non-directional measurement using isotropic probes for applications in the frequency range 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz
  • Wide measurement range from 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz
  • Digital probe interface: no calibration of the measuring device is required, only the probe is calibrated
  • Anti-glare, brilliant color display with automatic brightness adjustment can easily be read even in poor lighting conditions or intense sunlight
  • Sensors measure temperature, air humidity, pressure and height above ground
  • Rapid data transmission using various interfaces

Offer Parameters

  • Get a discount of 10% with trade-in
  • Orders must be placed by March 31, 2024
  • Must send in old equipment to qualify for discount
  • Limited availability on certain products

How to Get Discount

Please contact Julian Ames at 858-558-6500 ext. 315 to learn more about this sale and to receive the discount. You can also fill out our form. Please note that orders must be submitted by March 31.