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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is the leading supplier of test and measurement instruments. Our company is ISO-9001 certified, ISO 17025 accredited in calibration and devoted to customer service. 

We help you complete your tests by providing calibrated test equipment, technical expertise and fast shipping.

At ATEC, we offer short and long term rentals for thousands of test and measurement devices from major manufacturers. We partner with industry innovators to stock cutting-edge measurement technology along with a vast inventory of classic models with which you may be more familiar. You can trust that when you give ATEC a call, a friendly associate with experience in your field will help you to choose the right equipment for your testing needs.

Rent from Advanced Test Equipment Rentals today for affordable rental rates on high-quality equipment.


Or, Buy Test Equipment

We also provide new, used and refurbished equipment for sale, which support an extensive variety of tests and testing standards. As an authorized distributor of leading manufacturers, ATEC carries thousands of test systems. Our ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration and ISO-9001 certified lab allow us to supply an exclusive selection of refurbished and used devices.
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