Advanced Test Equipment Rentals History

ATEC HeadquartersIn 1981, James Berg founded Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATER) in his garage, and the company grew to become a key player in the electronic test equipment rental industry. With success came even more growth, and in 1984, ATER moved into a full-scale operations facility. A few years later, in 1986, the company became a California Corporation and changed its name to Advanced Test Equipment Corporation (ATEC).

ATEC continued to grow operations and, in December 1994, purchased a new facility located on Roselle Street in beautiful San Diego, California, which is ATEC’s headquarters, today. The new larger facility offers extensive room for growth, allowing ATEC to acquire a vast and diverse selection of electronic test and measurement equipment, including a wide array of manufacturers. Currently, ATEC owns and stocks one of the largest and most diverse selections of electronic test and measurement equipment found anywhere.

To support the increasing inventory of electronic test and measurement equipment, ATEC incorporates equally impressive labs that are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 17025 accredited for calibration. Advanced Test Equipment Rentals supports 100% of everything it rents and sells. Each and every piece of electronic test and measurement equipment is fully tested by a trained ATEC lab technician before leaving the facility.

ATEC prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction, and as an international supplier capable of shipping priority service and overnight for domestic shipments, ATEC ensures even the most sensitive electronic test equipment arrives to its customers in perfect working condition.

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