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AC Load

An AC load is any device which receives alternating-current (AC) electrical power from a source in an electrical system. Loads are integrated into circuits for testing and measurement of current, voltage and frequency. They are used by technicians to simulate the interaction of other loads within a system and predict how sources and other loads will react to variable currents.

AC loads are utilized in a wide array of industries, such as aerospace, alternative energy, battery manufacturing, military, test labs, R&D, and many others. Some test applications of AC loads include testing UPS systems, automatic fuses/switches, generators, and power inverters. Companies or government agencies looking to fulfill standards like DO-160, MIL-STD-704 and IEC 61000 commonly use AC load devices for their testing.

ATEC carries AC loads with capabilities ranging from low to high wattage. Choose a resistive load or an electronic load depending on your testing needs, and how potentially varied your current will be. Our inventory also contains load banks and active, portable and/or programmable load models. We provide products from leading manufacturers like Chroma, NH Research, Kikusui and Avtron. Find the AC Load to meet your testing needs below.

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