Attenuators are passive electrical components that reduce the strength of an RF signal while retaining the signal’s integrity. RF attenuators diminish the amplitude of signals achieving gain levels below 1 dB, known as loss. These RF signal reducers are incorporated into an electrical system to compensate for components generating over-powered emissions. They lower voltage, dissipate power and improve impedance matching in the electronic circuitry. There are three basic types of attenuators: fixed, switched and variable. Fixed RF attenuators operate at a set emission reduction value. Switched attenuators, or step attenuators, offer flexibility in the test by incorporating switches which allow the operator to adjust the degree to which the attenuator will reduce a signal. Variable RF attenuators constantly varies the power of a signal, ideal for applications not requiring accuracy.
Bird Technologies Bird 1000-WA-MFN-03 Attenuator, 1000W

Attenuator, 1000W

Bird Technologies Bird 100-A-MFN-06 Attenuator, 100W

Attenuator, 100W

Bird Technologies Bird 150-A Bi-Directional Attenuator

Bi-Directional Attenuator, 150 Watts

Bird Technologies Bird 8327-300 Tenuline Attenuator

Tenuline Attenuator

Bird Technologies Bird 8329-300 High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator

High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator

Electro Impulse Electro Impulse AX500-30 High Power Coaxial Attenuator

DC - 500 MHz, 30 dB, 500W, 50 ohm Fixed - High Power Coaxial Attenuator

Keysight Keysight 11583C Coaxial Attenuators Set

The Keysight 11583C contains a set of four 8493C attenuators 3, 6, 10, and 20 dB furnished in a...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 350D Attenuator Set

The Keysight 350D is an accurate, wide frequency range attenuator which provides attenuation from...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 355D Coaxial Step Attenuator

VHF Coaxial Step Attenuator

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 4437A Attenuator, DC - 1 MHz

The Keysight 4437A is an in-line reading variable attenuator usable from dc to 1.85MHz. The 4437A...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 8498A Fixed Attenuator, 18 GHz

DC - 18 GHz, Power Attenuator Option 890: ATTENUATOR, FIXED, 0-18 GHZ. 30 DB

  • Keysight
Narda Narda 769-20 High Power Coaxial Attenuator, DC - 6 GHz

DC - 6 GHz, High Power Coaxial Attenuator

Photodyne Photodyne 19XT-010 Fiber Optic Attenuator

1300/1500 nm SM Programmable Attenuator

Weinschel Weinschel 48-30-34 High Power Coaxial Attenuator

DC GHz - 18 GHz, 30 dB, 100W