Bird Technologies Bird 1000-WA-MFN-03 Attenuator, 1000W

Attenuator, 1000W

Bird Technologies Bird 100-A-MFN-06 Attenuator, 100W

Attenuator, 100W

Bird Technologies Bird 150-A Bi-Directional Attenuator

Bi-Directional Attenuator, 150 Watts

Bird Technologies Bird 8327-300 Tenuline Attenuator

Tenuline Attenuator

Bird Technologies Bird 8329-300 High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator

High-Power Oil-Dielectric Attenuator

Electro Impulse Electro Impulse AX500-30 High Power Coaxial Attenuator

DC - 500 MHz, 30 dB, 500W, 50 ohm Fixed - High Power Coaxial Attenuator

Keysight Keysight 11583C Coaxial Attenuators Set

The Keysight 11583C (formerly Agilent Technologies), contains a set of four 8493C attenuators 3, 6, 10, and 20 dB furnished in a handsome walnut accessory case. The 8493C are APC-3.5 connectors with a maximum frequency of 26.5...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 350D Attenuator Set

The Keysight 350D is an accurate, wide frequency range attenuator which provides attenuation from 0 dB to a maximum of 110 dB. The 350D dissipates a maximum of 5 watts in continuous use with good accuracy from dc to 1 MHz. The...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 355D Coaxial Step Attenuator

VHF Coaxial Step Attenuator

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 4437A Attenuator, DC - 1 MHz

The Keysight 4437A (formerly Agilent Technologies) is an in-line reading variable attenuator usable from dc to 1.85MHz. The 4437A uses unbalanced-type pads and its input and output impedances are 600 ohms. This attenuator...

  • Keysight
Keysight Keysight 8498A Fixed Attenuator, 18 GHz

DC - 18 GHz, Power Attenuator Option 890: ATTENUATOR, FIXED, 0-18 GHZ. 30 DB

  • Keysight
Narda Narda 769-20 High Power Coaxial Attenuator, DC - 6 GHz

DC - 6 GHz, High Power Coaxial Attenuator

Noiseken Noiseken AT-810 Attenuator

The Noiseken AT-810 Attenuator is a 50Ω coaxial attenuator for waveform verification.

Weinschel Weinschel 48-30-34 High Power Coaxial Attenuator

DC GHz - 18 GHz, 30 dB, 100W

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