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Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers baths and chillers for heating or refrigerating items in a testing environment. Whether you need to heat or cool the subject material, our rental equipment provides temperature uniformity for reliable, repeatable results.

The baths available for rent from ATEC offer precision and control over testing applications that require specified bath temperatures. Complete with integral pumps, temperature controls, and a cooling and heating system, baths are designed to aid in coagulation tests, enzyme and genetic studies, bacteria examinations, protein analysis, molecular biology, thawing, warming and more. Conversely, chillers are used only to cool items. They have greater cooling capacity, and are often used in aerospace, analytical, biotech, chemical, medical, industrial, and research industries.

Whatever your testing needs, baths and chillers from ATEC are able to meet rigorous application demands. Select from our inventory of equipment by Fluke, Thermo Neslab, Thermo Scientific and more.

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