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Olympus Olympus IPLEX FX Industrial Videoscope

The main component of the IPLEX FX base unit chassis is magnesium — renowned for its strength and light weight. A typical material used for industrial environment equipment, magnesium was chosen to provide the impact...

Olympus Olympus IPLEX LX Industrial Videoscope

You can confidently bring the IPLEX LX to almost any difficult environment. They can be used in rain, sand, and dust, and withstand physical shocks caused by drops and falls, ensured by IP55 and MIL-STD compliance. With its low...

RF System Lab RF System Lab VJ Advance 6.9mm Borescope

The RF System Lab VJ Advance 6.9mm Borescope is the most portable, easiest to use and full-featured video borescope on the market. The VJ ADV 6.9mm delivers exceptional value and outstanding quality.

Olympus Olympus IPLEX SA Flexible Videoscope System

The IPLEX SA is a videoscope system that integrates everything you need for industrial endoscopic inspections.

Olympus Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope

The Olympus IPLEX NX Industrial Videoscope is a high-resolution flaw inspection instrument capable of pairing with interchangeable scopes that vary in length, diameter and durability. IPLEX NX videoscopes capture H1024 x V768...

General Tools General Tools H16 Handheld Recording Console

The Long View 100 pipe borescope camera system is Ideal for examining the interior of small long length pipes and tubes. A perfect and affordable long length and small diameter borescope.

GE Panametrics GE XL GO+ VideoProbe

Whether you're climbing a 100 meter tower to inspect a wind turbine gearbox, crawling atop a refinery heat exchanger, or creeping under a turbofan jet engine on a test stand, a portable video borescope is essential. The GE XL...

Medit Medit QVBS6-4W-3 Video Borescope

36" Video Borescope with SD Card and Video Out

  • Medit
Olympus Olympus IF8D3X2-23 Industrial Fiberscope

8 mm x 2280 mm Flexible Borescope with Fiber Optic Light Source

Olympus Olympus IF8D4X2-10 Industrial Flexible Fiberscope/Borescope

8.5 mm x 770 mm Flexible Borescope with Fiber Optic Light Source

Olympus Olympus IPLEX Industrial Videoscope System

31.5 feet (9.6 m) Industrial Videoscope System

Olympus Olympus IPLEX LT Industrial Videoscope

The IPLEX LT features a simple menu, utilizing intuitive, internationally recognized icons that make it easy for the operator to quickly choose the right menu option. Navigation is simplified by a dedicated joystick, which...

Olympus Olympus IPLEX MX-R Videoscope

The Olympus IPLEX MX-R supplies a slim ø4.4mm outer diameter tube with a short 15mm hard tip and a small curvature radius for effortless insertion ease and convenient access to minute parts. It's especially effective for...

Olympus Olympus IPLEX RX Clear Vision Portable Videoscope

The Olympus IPLEX RX Clear Vision Portable Videoscope provides unsurpassed image quality yet are user‐friendly, and boast a portable design. The videoscope is ideal for inspectors who require uncompromised and precise...

Olympus Olympus IPLEX UltraLite Industrial Videoscope

With its unique ergonomic design, the IPLEX UltraLite videoscope fits in the palm of your hand. Because it is extremely lightweight, it can be used to perform field inspections with the greatest of ease.

Olympus Olympus R080-045-050SW110-20M Digital Measuring Borescope

To meet the requirement for measurement of defects, Olympus has introduced the Digital Measuring Borescope, which can measure to accuracy better than ±4%, through a 8mm diameter access port.   Developed...

RF System Lab RF System Lab VJ Advance 3.9mm Borescope

The RF System Lab VJ Advance 3.9mm Borescope delivers all the features you would expect in a high-end video borescope at a price that makes it accessible to anyone. Now available with an ultra-thin 3.9mm diameter insertion tube...

Schott Schott FS155 Fiberscope

4 mm x 40", 2-way articulation Fiberscope

Schott Schott/OPTIM FS-236A 6mm x 80" Borescope w/ Fiber Optic Illuminator

The Schott / OPTIM FS-236A is the fourth generation of 6mm diameter fiberscopes from OPTIM Incorporated. Like the predecessors to this instrument the FS-236A incorporates advancements in fiber optic technology as well as...