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Borescopes and videoscopes – an optical device with a tube, eyepiece and objective lens, are used for visual inspection of machinery, structures, or specimens where the area under examination is otherwise inaccessible. They are capable of recognizing imperfections or defects in a tested subject, without permanently damaging the integrity of the structure, specimen or product. Borescopes and videoscopes are commonly used for the visual examination of pumps, valves, industrial gas turbines, small and large engines for automotive and aerospace, and other applications. They assist in maintenance by detecting flaws before irreversible damage is done, and assist during the manufacturing process by determining or locating any problems.

Many of the borescopes and videoscopes carried by Advanced Test Equipment Rentals are compact and lightweight, and come with features like flexible positioning, digital image recording, audio annotation, and more. ATEC carries borescopes and videoscopes from leading manufacturers like Olympus, Extech, and GE.

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