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Proper calibration equipment is essential to ensuring the accuracy of a testing procedure, and subsequent safety of the environment or product being examined. Whether you’re in the bio and pharmaceutical industry, food industry, construction & power industry, or another, calibration is a necessity to guarantee the readings from an instrument are consistent with likewise measurements, assess the accuracy of the readings, and establish the reliability of the instrument at hand.

Accurate readings and reliability are a matter of safety, which is why Advanced Test Equipment Rentals offers a wide range of calibration equipment to support numerous industries. Use a dry well calibrator to measure resistance, thermoelectric voltage and current signals, a pneumatic calibrator to test pressure, or a meter calibrator to calculate AC/DC voltage – all of which are available for rent from ATEC.

ATEC offers a wide range of calibrators designed to test and calibrate flow, high voltage/low current, pressure, resistance, temperature and more, from trusted manufacturers like Fluke, Wika and others.

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Rent Fluke 750P Series Pressure Modules
A family of 48 pressure modules covers pressure calibrations from 0 to 1 inH20 to 10,000 psi (2.5 mBar to 690 bar). Gage pressure modules...