Materials Test: Coordinate Measurement Machines

Coordinate measuring machines, or CMM, give precise dimensional measurements of physical objects. Gathering data over an XYZ axis, coordinate measuring machines assemble coordinates from a hanging probe which reacts to contact with an object by sending measurements back to the interface. Once the machine finishes running over the surface area of a product, a hyper-accurate measurement of the product’s dimensions will be available for use in sale and distribution, an essential set of parameters for clients seeking products of an exact size.

Coordinate measuring machines acquire reliable dimension data with maximum efficiency; measuring products by hand can be difficult, time consuming, inaccurate, and an unnecessary cost in comparison to a machine honed for surface area analysis. Manufacturing, component testing, and R&D are a few of the industries that utilize CMM.

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals supplies coordinate measuring machines with mechanical, optical, white light and laser probes. 
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